Vision & Core Values



As to our clients:  

• We envision an empowered low-wage workforce, made up of workers who understand their rights and are able to defend their rights in the workplace.

• We envision an end to employment discrimination and an end to sexual harassment of women, regardless of immigration status.

• We envision comprehensive immigration reform.


As to our organization:

• We envision a nationally-recognized, award-winning, and well-respected organization with both longstanding and new staff who are all equally dedicated to our mission.

• We envision an organization with stable and increased funding support operating several outreach offices/clinics throughout Pennsylvania.

• We envision a staff supported by pro bono attorneys.

• We envision that our advocacy and impact litigation has an impact in improving the lives of workers in Pennsylvania.



As to the people we serve:

• Self-empowerment;

• Protection and vindication of the human rights and dignity of exploited workers, ensuring that they are able to earn a living;

• Access to justice and the right to be heard for vulnerable low wage workers;

• Recognition of and respect for the work provided by low wage workers.


As to our organization:

• Respect for our client community;

• Integrity, creativity and ethical lawyering; and

• Provision of excellent legal services and multi-tiered advocacy